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Expert in
Identity, Security &
Biometrics Solutions

End-to-End Biometrics, Identity and Security Products and Services Provider

Digid Systems is an expert provider of Identity, biometrics and security Solutions in Africa. We work with partners to provide and implement end-to-end Identity, biometric and security solutions and projects for private sector/businesses, Development Agencies/Partners, and Government/Public Institutions across Africa. Our Products, Services and Solutions can be customized and implemented to meet your growing needs whilst ensuring cost savings and highest quality. At Digid we provide the Software, Hardware and Support Services to get your project going.


Digital and Legal identity solutions customized for specific requirement covering Identity Management, ID Registration, ID Cards, Identity Documents, ID Verification and Interoperability. We are a trusted partner for any Identity project.


Biometrics products and solutions to trust for any deployment requirements. We help deploy from small to large scale biometric solutions for Governments, Companies and Development Organizations: Face, Fingerprint, Iris, Palm, Vein, Body, Objects


We provide physical, Cyber and digital Security Products to trust for all your security needs. Ranging from Smart Card, Smart Locks, e-Gate, e-Locks, CCTV, Access Controls, Door Locks, Verifications Systems, Time Attendance, PKI, Digital Signature, Document Signing, Tags, Secured documents, tracking

Featured Work

“Their Smart Locks helps us safely lock and control access to our premises.”


“We are happy with their multi-modal biometrics and Identity verification System.”


“Digid’s products and supports are topnotch, I highly recommend them to everyone.”


Find out more about our products, solutions and services

Find out more about our state-of-the-art biometric, Identity and security products, solutions and services